Pastor’s Weekly Update

I am always amazed at how fast time flies. We are already transitioning from the end of the school year to the summer season. I hope that your summer is off to a great start! This is typically a time for Lisa and I to spend as much time with our family as we can; in fact, we just had guests at our house for a week as we celebrated Lisa's mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary. In addition, this summer we are engaged in evaluating our current programming and working on future ministry opportunities. I am really excited about what is happening in all of our ministries this summer and especially what God is doing in our church through both of our campuses.

If you’ve been on our Hammond campus lately, you’ve probably noticed the progress being made on the Connection Plaza. We are getting close to finalizing the building and should be able to announce an opening date soon. The reason for the facility is to help us invite people into our church and provide a welcoming space where they can easily connect with others and deepen their relationship with God. Every single one of us should be engaged in reaching friends and inviting people to church each week.

Not only does the camping season get into full swing this month, but we also have several groups heading to the mission field. Last month Pastor Greg Mann took several college students to Guyana, we have a group from our Oakleaf campus heading to Haiti, and a group from our Student Ministry is also going to Haiti the following week. That is in addition to a TCA missions trip to Costa Rica that was led by Crystal Lawrence, one of our TCA faculty and church members. There are a number of other individuals in our ministry who are investing time and money for the sake of the gospel – both in mission work and other forms of outreach. I love that we are seeing young people engaged in the work of God, not just here at Trinity but literally around the world. What a privilege it is to be a part of a ministry so passionate about mission work.

This past Sunday, we started a new teaching series through the book of Galatians. You can listen to the sermon HERE. I’m so thankful for the unique, supernatural, and transformative power of the gospel. This study can be a catalyst to real spiritual growth in your life and it can serve our church well as we move forward committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week we will celebrate Father's Day. I hope that you will invite men - especially dads - to come and be challenged about the importance of being a spiritual mentor in the life of their children.


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