Pastor’s Weekly Update

You never know what is going to happen when you go to church. This past Sunday, as I left the house, I knew that the weather was going to be a challenge for both campuses as it was raining all over the city. When I arrived on campus here at Hammond, I learned that lightning struck the auditorium, knocking out the power to the air conditioning and to the transformer that controls our media (audio and video). By church time, we only had lights and minor sound system equipment working. These were not ideal conditions for church and certainly made us get creative in pulling it off, but as we finished the morning of worship, I was reminded that things don’t have to go perfectly in order to experience the movement of the Spirit.

This season in our church is an important one and we are marking that by a special prayer emphasis. We are gathering on Hammond this Friday and Saturday for 24 hours of prayer. There are so many areas, I believe, where we need God to do a great work, and we have the opportunity to come together in unity as a church and seek God's face. If Sunday was any indication, as I watched so many people come forward to write down their prayer requests and leave them at the altar, I can sense an eagerness for God to work. Join us this week as we pray for these prayer requests, and we pray for a movement of God in our church. During each hour there will be a pastor and other group leaders present to help facilitate a powerful prayer experience. You can click HERE to sign up for a time slot.

The following Sunday our Oakleaf campus will concentrate their prayer time on specifically praying for the schools in the area where we are connected. The church should be an agent of change in the community, where we are known for pouring ourselves out for the needs in the community. Let's support this great initiative and ask for a special moving of the Holy Spirit.

We want to be more effective as a church going forward and we cannot do that without a fresh moving of the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that God does his greatest work when people pray!

We are gearing up for a back-to-school series that starts on August 20. We are going to study through Jesus’ teaching on the Beatitudes and what it means to flourish while living in a fallen world. Be thinking about those who you can invest in and invite to experience what God is doing here at Trinity.


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