Pastor’s Weekly Update

There are a number of critical components to healthy church life. These include the way we worship, the way we do community (think relationships), the way we teach, the way we make disciples, and the way we witness. In recent days, God has opened some great doors for us to witness to others by using the storm as a way for us to engage with our community.

We have mobilized our people and invested resources in serving the Northeast Florida region with acts of service and the distribution of supplies. This also has led to us connecting with strategic partners, church networks, and individual congregations, and sharing with them supplies that have been made available to us.

As I shared over the weekend, there are great needs that remain, including hard hit areas in Clay County (mostly from Black Creek flooding), St. John’s County (where 900 families have been displaced), and here in Duval where 700 families also are unable to return home.

In addition to sharing the truck load of supplies, we have asked you to help us collect cleaning buckets (Supply list) and also by giving to Hurricane Relief (Click here to give).

One of my favorite stories is about the load of water, soup, pillows, and blankets we sent to the Converge Network of churches in South Florida. They were able to work among the Cuban population in the city, and, through a likeminded church, serve a community of people. These people were living out of their carswhile waiting for power and their condos to be cleaned in order to get back inside.

Here are some pictures that show you what an impact we are making. Again, your giving and volunteering help make a difference.

Let me challenge you to be in the services this weekend. Please remember that we missed an entire weekend of services, and as a result, we only received about 1/3 of our normal offering. (Click here to give) Would you consider helping us catch up with our offerings this weekend and give generously as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this time of need?

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