Author: Betty Cooke

Missionary of the Month

We want you to feel connected to the missionaries our church supports. So each month, we will feature a new missionary, update you on the work they are doing and give you an opportunity to pray for them!

Meet Jeffrey and Deanne Davoll and family! They are preaching, planting, preparing in Guayaqil, Ecuador, South America!

Jeff and Deanne Davoll are the only ones on the field right now.  Their children are spread out! Bethany is teaching in Peru, Jordan is pastoring in NY, Amanda is working in Jacksonville, and Lukas is a junior at Liberty.

The Davolls have a unique ministry calling…
*Evangelism of the National Police, Encouragement of local pastors and church leaders,
*Engagement of the next generation to do the same.
*Evangelism, discipleship and church growth focusing on the Ecuadorian National Police.
The national police is a “least reached” people group of more than 46,500 members, plus their families.  We provide SWAT training through TACTICA Ministries as a platform to open doors.  A lot of our ministry takes place on the streets, in their barracks and in our home.  When they come to know the Lord, we work to get them connected to local churches through our work in strengthening the national pastors.  A lot of our work involves marriage counseling and training.

* What’s Happening in the Ministry
Praising the Lord for 24 Commandos who trusted Christ in September, along with ll fire fighters and 27 prisoners in the penitentiary.  The Lord continues to work in hearts and bringing others to him.  Our priority now is the discipleship process through the local church connections.

* Prayer Needs
Pray the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers!
Pray for a recent open door to teach a weekly Bible study on the Navy base.
Pray for wisdom that we redeem the time in the way God desires for us to serve.
Pray for the follow-up discipleship of those recently saved.

*Contact the Davolls!
From the Center of the World to the Ends of the Earth!
Jeff & Deanne Davoll — #AsHeJourneyed
Evangelism — Encouragement — Engagement
US Skype 518–632-1010
Ecuador: 0995598684
Facebook: Jeff Deanne DavollFamily, MinisterioTactica593, LaConexionMM