Month: April 2017

Make a Difference!

Jude 22 — And of some have compassion, making a difference!

As part of a series about core valued, this past weekend, our church was challenged to show the compassion that should characterize our ministry as we reflect the character of Christ.  (Listen HERE

As I stood on stage worshipping with our church family at the end of the service, I looked out at the congregation/crowd, I was overwhelmed by the stories represented by individuals who were making a difference by showing compassion.



Kris and Tabitha Parson started the Believe Foundation in response to their experience of fighting childhood cancer with their daughter Carolina.  Kris has told me numerous stories of hour-long“counseling” sessions in Walmart, hospital rooms, shopping malls, and online as they show compassion to other families facing this disease with their child.  They are making a difference!  Visit their website to see how you can get involved.



Robert and Amanda Kinder started the Brady Foundation after the sudden death of their son.  They use this foundation to serve at-risk and needy kids in the Jacksonville community.  They recently gave new shoes to all the children at the Trinity Women’s and Children CenterThey are making a difference.  Sign up for their 5K fundraiser HERE.



Lorrie Duff helped us start our Trinity Kids special needs ministry, Kaleidoscope.  Using a buddy system that allows special needs children to be included in our ministry, Lorrie and her team minister to families every week.  I heard just yesterday about a family that had not been able to attend church in 3 years due to the demands of caring for their child.  They are now able to worship with us weekly, knowing their child is being cared for.  She is making a difference! Volunteer in our Kaleidoscope ministry HERE.

The stories could go on and on: I received an email from Ryan Cosson who is using his business to raise funds for a family in our church whose 7 year old is battling leukemia (Click HERE).  Phylicia Perry and her Sisterhood of Servants ministry is building a school and vocational training center in a rural village in Chipata, Zambia, Africa. (Click HERE)

What about you?

How can you make a difference in someone’s life this week?

It may be as simple as taking the time to truly listen to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

Followers of Jesus show compassion and make a difference in the lives of people!

You can do it!